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  1. Forum Trophies

    Trophies obtained from participating on our site www.reddead.us

    1. Top 4 Hall of Famer

      Voted one of the Top 4 Hall of Famers from the 2011-2012 Hall of Fame inductees.

    2. Arcade Champion

      Become Top Scorer on any of the Arcade games!

  2. RDUS Crew Trophies

    All SocialClub.Rockstargames.com RDUS crew members who actively participate by contributing XP and participating in feuds will be awarded for doing so.

    1. Crew Achiever IV

      Gain 250k XP for the crew.

      Awarded Users:
      1. TequilaFire
      2. Persht
    2. Crew Achiever I

      Gain 10k XP for the crew

    3. Crew Achiever II

      Gain 50k XP for the crew

      Awarded Users:
      1. RedDeadStar
      2. peawicko
      3. OIDACRA
    4. Crew Achiever III

      Gain 100k XP for the crew