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  1. Tomahawk Soldier

    Tomahawk Soldier Greenhorn

    Red Dead Rebellion's story will follow the life of a new protagonist named Charlie Devan, the newest member of Thorton's Gang. Charlie was recruited by the gang because he was able to hold his own in a bar fight and easily defeated the criminal in a duel. Charlie finds himself in a world much more dangerous than it seemed, as he must avoid rival gangs and the Law. Also, Walton Lowe, leader of the Walton's Gang in Red Dead Redemption is a member of your gang. The game will feature totally new weapons, some of them making a return from Red Dead Revolver and a couple from Red Dead Redemption. The game will have a larger map, many more settlements, including Tumbleweed before it was turned into a haunted ghost town.

    As you are a member of a notorious gang, you will be able to ride with your gang on missions, side-quests, hunting trips, bounty hunting, etc. Visit your gang hideout often because it can be attacked by rival posses. A new feature notable feature in RD: Rebellion would be the Single Player Gang Shootouts. Your gang will meet up with the enemy and everyone in your gang must shoot their way to victory. Like Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned non-major members of your crew can die, but they will be replaced with a new person.


    The more your fame increases, the more dangerous the world around will be. You will be hunted down by skilled Bounty Hunters or posses of outlaws. You will also be challenged to more duels. The more crimes you are caught committing, the higher your bounty will increase and the law will persue you until you pay your dept to society. New crimes can also be committed.
    - Bank Roberry
    - Store Roberry
    - Cattle Rustiling
    - Assassination (different from Bounty Hunting)
    and more!


    John will make an appearance in the game. He will be seen riding with Dutch and the rest of their gang in the early poarts of the game. Charlie and John exchange glares but I do not have any information regaurding a conversation between the two. In the story, John is seen with Bill trying to rob your gang and all hell breaks loose once the Marshals interrupt. After a massive shootout between your gang and the Marshals, John gets shot by a member of your gang.

    I am in the process of gaining more info on Red Dead Rebllion. At the moment, I am hearing about possible Red Harlow DLC.
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  2. Persht

    Persht Administrator Staff Member

    WTH did you figure that O.o
    Good mock up though

    I personally feel they'll work the story line like they worked GTA.
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  3. ®ated®mixdorf

    ®ated®mixdorf OneManOneGoalOneShot

    Fuck Red Dead Rebellion!!! Red Dead Redemption is the best game right now and will be the best game ever. We will see when RD Rebellion comes out. Who the fuck is Charlie Devan? Sounds gay? OF COURSE!!! Long live John Marston!! I bet there wont even be a town named Armadillo again.
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  4. Pretty cool plot. I'm guesses if there is an RDR3 it'll be a spiritual successor like redemption to revolver. If they do have a sort of L&K DLC for the possible RDR3 I wonder what differences we'll see in John Marston. We might even see a female protagonist which would be pretty cool.
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  5. Ariel_Massacre

    Ariel_Massacre Super Human Zombie

    There will be no more Armadillo, unless the next installment does end up being a Prequel.

    I'd take something completely fresh and new over that, though (female protagonist, hell yeah!)... They could save some sort of storyline that fits the OPs for someday WAY down the line.
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  6. Tomahawk Soldier

    Tomahawk Soldier Greenhorn

    I swear on everything that this is REAL. And this isn't even everything. I just wanted to see the reaction if I posted just a little bit of it. More on the way, I'm busy with other forums at the moment.

    The game is going to be a little bit like Lost & Damned from what I undertand...
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  7. Tomahawk Soldier

    Tomahawk Soldier Greenhorn

    - This will be the last game of the Red Dead series
    - More missions and side-quests involving duels
    - You can purchase loading screens of characters from Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Rebellion.
    - More minigames
    - More jobs available. You can be hired to kill or hired to protect someone. You can slo do good deed for money such as cattle herding.
    - Bring special items to the gunsmith and they will make you new weapons or special items.
    - No more Mexico and Tumbleweed can only be travled to during a mission.
    - No multiplayer lasso. No multiplayer trains.
    - Brimstone QuickDraw Tournament is available in the game
    - More Co-op missions, and they will be harder.
    - You can race for money

    - Villans & Heroes Pack DLC: This will give you all characters from Red Dead Revolver in multiplayer, play as Red Harlow in 3 all new action packed missions in the single player mode, and the Scorpion Revolver in multiplayer and single player.
    - Rebellious Outlaws Pack DLC: This will give you the young members of Dutch van der Linde's gang [John Marston, Bill Williamson, Javier Escuela and Dutch van der Linde] as well as every map from Red Dead Redemption multiplayer game modes.
    - Savagery & Civilization Pack DLC: This will give you all of the main characters from Red Dead Rebellion in multiplayer, brand new maps in multiplayer game modes, multiplayer minigames will now be available after downloading, Territory War Mode, and QuickDraw mode for multiplayer.

    People, I'm doing my best to get all of the information I can. This is not all of it, and the game isn't even under development yet so changes are possible. Please, post this or tell everyone about it. Getting this info is NOT easy...
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  8. jaydog7714

    jaydog7714 Marshal

    I hope its true , all that sounds awesome
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    ANGEL_OF_DEATH Dedicated Killer

    SO WAT ! THERE NEVER WAS ARMADILLO UNTIL RDR CAME OUT S ya know wat i mean ! there might be a cooler town in rdrebelion that u may like bro! dnt underestimate the power of rockstar ! theyve alwayas seemed to surprise us !
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  10. Although interesting this isn't real, this is bullcrap. Standard internet 'this is what's going to happen in the next game I swear 100%' bullcrap, there'll be more. Hopefully more creative than this one. When R* says something you know it's real.
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  11. ms.bex

    ms.bex Wrangler

    Whether it's true it not, it sounds pretty cool. I think taking the next game in a new direction with a new character would be a good move as well. Although I have to say, I agree with Ariel_Massacre about a female protagonist!
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  12. Tomahawk Soldier

    Tomahawk Soldier Greenhorn

    This isn't fake, though, dumbass. You don't have to believe a single word of it, actually. I didn't post this for you. I posted it for those that actually want to know about RD Rebellion. And this isn't even 100% as far as I know. Rockstar hasn't even started making it... They're just throwing ideas around at the momemnt and this is what they WANT to make. Hell, it might come out even better than this when the project is done.
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    ANGEL_OF_DEATH Dedicated Killer

    yah ! cowgirls or watever theyre called r hot n have lots of swag 2 ! lol
  14. Tomahawk Soldier

    Tomahawk Soldier Greenhorn

    Next meeting is Sunday. I will post more on Monday.
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  15. Ariel_Massacre

    Ariel_Massacre Super Human Zombie

    Tomahawk Soldier
    Just because you say it's not fake, doesn't really make it easy to believe for anyone here.
    Pretty sure our heads will stay in the 'It might be, or it might not be' zone until word(s) come from Rockstar themselves.

    Don't let that stop you from posting, though. All is still a good, interesting read!
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  16. Madman

    Madman Career Criminal

    Dont care so much for the single player mode... i havent even finished the single player on RD redemption.. As for multiplayer they need to do away with the deadeye box like hardcore it should be earnt through kill streaks with bonus perks... also keep with the golden gun idea but maybe a little harder...
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  17. Tomahawk Soldier

    Tomahawk Soldier Greenhorn

    - More Free Roam! The player can choose the option of ordinary Free Roam, which will place you in the world of Red Dead Rebellion or Villans & Heroes Free Roam (only available with the Villans & Heroes DLC) which will place you in the world of Red Dead Revolver, which has taken a great make-over and added all new gang hideouts such as Native Tribes.
    - Offline Multiplayer possibility (return of Showdown Mode from Red Dead Revolver)
    - You can play Hired Killer in Single Player. This would be the criminal equivilant to Bounty Hunting. You will be sent to kill someone that has a high price on their head, most of the time they will be protected. You can bring gang members with you. Bounty Hunting is still available.
    - Loading Screens (there will be way more than this)
    - Red Harlow spinning the Scorpion Revolver​
    - John Marston weilding a Bolt Action Rifle​
    - Charlie Devan spinning and shooting Twin Revolvers​

    The gameplay will be the same as Red Dead Redemption. Ideas for the gameplay are still being tossed back and forth and the moment but the Auto-Aim idea is staying. While using Twin Revolvers, you cannot lock on to an enemy or use melee attacks. Pressing the trigger while you are close to an enemy will no longer result in a melee attack. There will be a melee button. Health items can now be carried and used by pressing on of the D-pad buttons (this feature is only for Single Player).

    I asked about Golden Guns in Rebellion and we have decided that Golden Guns are staying.
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  18. Mvp-Machiavelli

    Mvp-Machiavelli Dedicated Killer

    The next Red Dead Redemption is in early production. No news what so ever to regards of release date. No news if its going to be current gen or next gen......That's it!!!!!!!!!!
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  19. TequilaFire

    TequilaFire Administrator Staff Member

    Aww, come on! Tomahawk has been using the invisible glitch to eavesdrop on secret Rockstar production meetings!
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  20. Persht

    Persht Administrator Staff Member

    And they're aware of it, but haven't released a patch to fix him yet XD
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