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Gatling Gun Wagon in PUBLIC free roam tutorial

Discussion in 'Glitches and Bugs' started by BlackMetalDevil, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. BlackMetalDevil

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    1. 2 people posse up & switch to private free roam
    2. Start co-op mission 'The Escape'
    3. Kill the first wave of enemies
    4. Drive gatling gun wagon to a free roam spawn spot (Plainview, Ridgewood Farm, Armadillo, anywhere that is a starting spawn spot when you enter free roam)
    5. Park wagon so drivers or shotgun seat exit is blocked by something that stops you exiting from your side
    6. Posse leader accepts invite from friend in public free roam
    7. The gatling gun wagon will now be in PUBLIC free roam

    This glitch gives you a new toy to play with in public free roam, it's easy to do and no difficult button combinations or special timing is required. Bringing the gatling gun wagon into a public session is like bringing a bat & ball to a kids playground, most kids will play together without any malicious behaviour but some kids will be obnoxious little shits and use the bat to beat some of the other kids in the head. If someone is causing havoc with it you have a few options.
    *Kill the horses, then it just becomes a stationary gatling gun so just move to a new area, problem solved.
    *Kick them, it takes you 5 seconds to open up the menu to give them a vote to kick, if they get kicked it will take them about 5 minutes to set up another one. 5 seconds of your time vs 5 minutes of theirs.
    *Trap/trick them into replaying a hideout, if you replay a hideout it respawns the area and the gatling gun wagon will disappear.
    *El Presidio, just go there and man the cannons, the gatling gun wagon won't last long against cannon fire.

    Finding a simple way to replicate this glitch on demand annoyed me for a long time. I had done it a few times but was never able to pinpoint the exact mechanic that allowed the transfer from private to public. I successfully transferred them ages ago with RhymeSmoke & GringoHunter when we were trying to get 16 stagecoaches quickly for the 'Stagecoach Boating World Record' attempts, we thought we had the method figured out but after trying the same method recently it didn't work.

    I was in a session with Halgato the other day and asked him if he knew of a reliable way to do it & he told me it was very 'hit & miss', card_dealer told me it was about roughly a 1 in 20 chance of getting it to transfer, Glitched_Matrix has a tutorial on his channel for the private free roam method and had questioned whether the public transfer was possible, many people claimed it worked but no evidence of a reliable method was shown.
    Card_Dealer posted some info on the Red Dead Wiki stating that Plainview was the closest place to transfer it from and he is correct, the reason he gave me was not. I suspected it worked at any area with a transport wheel, he believed it was 'settlements' that triggered it, we were both wrong. It's the free roam spawning spots when you enter a session, for example if you take the gatling gun wagon to Rathskeller Fort it will not transfer because you never get spawned at Rathskeller when entering a free roam session, it will spawn you at the closest free roam spawn spot which is Ridgewood Farm, Ridgewood is too far from Rathskeller meaning the wagon disappears because it's out of your sight/spawn range.

    The places people parked the wagon always seemed to vary, everyone had their own spot they believed to be the best, some park it inside the barns and close the doors,some park it in Armadillo in front of the bank, some park it behind the bank, i usually used Ridgewood farm next to the warhorse tranfer pen. When Halgato was showing me where he parks it in Armadillo I jumped off the wagon to point & shoot at a telegraph pole he was telling me he was trying to line up with to try to understand exactly which pole he meant and try to understand what objects may have been causing it, my exit was blocked by the pole though so my guy pushed Halgato off the drivers seat, moved across to the drivers seat, then jumped down. That was the mechanic I had been looking for, my 'EUREKA!' moment. i explained my theory to him that blocking the exit delays the jump off time which stops the wagon disappearing during transfer to public, then we did multiple tests to prove that theory. We eliminated many possible variations using this method like public to public transfer, locations, posse leader vs who accepts the invite, etc.

    The method I have explained in the video is the guaranteed way to get it every time, have fun!
    Anyone wanting to post negative comments regarding glitches can move along, it's a game, games have glitches, deal with it.
    This is the method I figured out with various imput from a lot of sources, I know I'm not the first to bring it to public and there will be people claiming to already know this method, I'm just explaining how I figured it out and sharing that knowledge so others can use a wagon that in my opinion should have been in free roam anyway.
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  2. booshthelurker

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    I have done this with Travilanche many times, and it's a lot of fun. Travilanche has hosted "Stagecoach Robbery" events, and they are AMAZING!

    Great thread dude.
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