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Join the FUN!

Discussion in 'Events and Tournaments' started by TY-QWON-DOJO, Feb 7, 2015.


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    Hey, Ty-Qwon-DOJO here. Tired of logging on multiplayer and finding NPC's all over the map yelling "aw man, I cant get up! Help me!? Tired of invisible players? Annoyed with not being able to play BEST GAME IN THE WORLD?! Then heres a tip and suggestion. The tip is, RDR is infected meaning when you join public free roam and find players xp skyrocketing, youre in a bad room. It like a virus somewhat. Once you join an infected room, you bring it with you and your hopes to find another room, ruining and spreading the "virus" to every room. You can avoid this and play clean matches, but you have to be careful. When jumping on RDR, make sure you go str8 to single player and join private online ( avoiding public sessions). If you already are infected because you joined public session then you must restart your ps3 and join private multiplayer from single player menu first (and stay in private,friends to). This way by yourself or with friends you can play gang hideouts, co op, poker all the good stuff.
    ( BUT KEEP IN MIND YOU MUST INFORM FRIENDS ABOUT THE PROCEDURE TO ENSURE THEY ARE clean from the bug, if they are not clean get ready to restart your ps3)
    My suggestion now is to add me in psn. My psn in Ty-Qwon-DOJO.
    I have a very little group thats informed, really good, and can be found online almost everyday. If you would like to join some "CLEAN" "CHALLENGING" "TENSE" matches, and meet players like you tgen dont hesitate! ADD ME and write reddead.us
    Hope to find some legit old school names to battle before RDR is gone for ever.
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