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RDR Resurrection Tournament

Discussion in 'Events and Tournaments' started by Vette, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Vette

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    For those of you who still enjoy playing Red Dead Redemption, we're trying to set up a tournament to bring some activity back to the game, and we would like to invite you to participate. So far, what we know is that it will be a 4 vs. 4 tournament. Unlike other tournaments in the past that have mostly been eliminator tournaments, this one will operate on a point system. What that means is that every team will earn or lose a certain amount of points when they win or lose. If your team wins, you'll earn 5 points. If you lose, you'll lose 2 points. This will give all of the participating teams a chance to play against each other. Whichever team has the most points after all the teams have played against each other will be the winner of the tournament. For now, the only rules that I know of are that no camping or deadeye is allowed. When everything is set and ready to go, I'll probably make another thread to update everyone on the details of the tournament such as the time and date of when it will happen, which teams will play against each other first, and any possible changes in the rules of the tournament between now and when it begins.

    For those of you who own a PS4 and are interested in participating in the tournament, there is a community we have on the PS4 called "RED DEAD REDEMPTION PS4," the leader of the community is HAFFEN7. You can join our community and discuss the tournament there if you'd like.

    For more information, you can message THE-MESSIAH-1986 on PSN.
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