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What if Red Dead Redemption was a TV show?

Discussion in 'Red Dead Discussion' started by Domand, Mar 19, 2017.

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    How many Seasons? How many Episodes per Season? Episode names? I imagine that Season One took place between first mission to Spare the Rod Spoil the Bandit, but we only meet West Dickens, Marshal, Bonnie, and really only see a 6 episode season one to get us into the show. Then Season Two involves the real chunk of New Austin missions and some new elements and ending with the assault on Fort Mercer. About 13/14 episodes. Season Three focuses on De Santa/Ricketts/Luisa and maybe some new characters to fill up this season and expand the story some more. It ends with De Santa betrayal and cliff hanger if he kills John or not. About 13/14 episodes. Then Season Four focuses on Reyes, Luisa, some other characters. Second to last finale has Javier Escuella killed. Then finale is the Escalara battle and Allende/Williamson deaths. Also 14 episodes. Then Season 5 has the Agents and Macdougal. We spend more time with Dutch and John get involved with maybe some other government deputies in attempts to kill Dutch. More time with Nasta's. Ends with Dutch death. 14 episodes. Season Six shows John return to his family and we spend much of this season with Jack, Abigail, Uncle, perhaps some friends of John outside the farm like at Manzanita or something. Have John help his friends with some problems. Develope John and Jacks relationship. Finale goes back and forth to a man hunting down Edgar Ross and the battle at the farm with the army. John dies. We learn the man is Jack three years later and he kills Ross. Also of course 14 episodes.

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