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The RDR clan Tournament (2017)

Discussion in 'Events and Tournaments' started by DarkoutEverlastz, Jun 22, 2017.

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    This Summer will happen. The last RDR clan tournament. Everyone stopped playing the game a long time ago, so I assume the game has been dead for about 3-4 years. This tournament will not resurrect the game, but will resurrect the clans that have been forgotten and will be back in the next RDR. Yes that's right this tournament will aim to make RDR clans known in other communities such as GTA V and MP3. We will not let legendary clans like the YoungGunz, RKC, Ninja x and many others to be forgotten, find a way to bring these players back to play the last tournament.
    This tournament will take place in Gang Matches 1 Grab The Bag match (Armadillo), 1 Hold your Own match (Blue Treasure), 1 Gang Shootout (Armadillo).
    In all these games it will be applied the RNG rules, which I will mention in the next post.
    If there are enough clan leaders (or not) to contact me, this tournament is going to take place, but if you dont care, I will not care too.
    Peace [​IMG];)

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