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Funny random things heard on the MIC

Discussion in 'Red Dead Discussion' started by Chinny-againny, Dec 17, 2018.

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    This thread is here for you to share random things you have heard on the mic during online game play....generally things that are completely unrelated to the actual game but funny or odd things you overhear. I'll share a few stories.

    My favorite of all time: A little squeaker was online back when I was playing RDR 1. He was talking mad stuff to everyone and using racist and derogatory terms towards everybody. As this was happening suddenly one could hear the voice of a parent yelling and him in the background and then all of a sudden "NOOOO! MAMA!" and he started crying like a little baby, not sure what happened but one could hear him crying for like 5 minutes and everyone on mic kept making fun of him. He eventually came back to the game but said nothing after that. Good job mom whatever you did.

    Recently: A guy playing in matches with me yells "Hey Bobby! What's the ETA on them Taquitos!" Apparently his son Bobby was heating up some Taquitos for him.....he kept mentioning his Taquitos and then when he got them you could hear him complaining to his son that they were still frozen in the middle...

    Recently: A guy was playing RDR 2 online in showdown matches and you could hear his GF yelling at him to which he relpied "are you serious right now? It's too early for this shit!" That did not go over well. You could hear him take off the mic but he did not turn it off so we all listened to the couple argue for half an hour while we continued to play. Hilarious.

    Weird: I was playing online and a guy got on and for some reason wanted to find out who all was into fat chicks and then started talking about fat girl porn and how he watches it every day.....then a girl got on who claimed to be 280 lbs. and was at first offended by the conversation but later started talking to a guy who was trying to get her number to face time with her....next thing ya know you can hear the two of them face timing each other while we are playing the match and the guy is trying to get her to show him things (use you imagination)....I mean....if you're going to do that sort of thing whatever but why would you keep your mic on?

    Anyway.....it's always interesting so I thought maybe others had some funny stories like these to share....

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