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Negative XP bug on Red Dead 2 Online

Discussion in 'Red Dead Discussion' started by Chinny-againny, Apr 9, 2019.

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    So, for anyone who is actually still playing. There seems to be an issue with XP going negative for some people. It will not reduce your rank but it counts backwards and then apparently you level up anyway....in some cases I am reading that people are leveling up out of nowhere as if in a glitch. I reported this issue to rockstar and have a an open live chat with a guy who thinks this whole bug will be fixed with today's update but he wants me to report it if for some reason it doesn't change. I am keeping the conversation open with him until I get home later today and can check it out. Just wanted to let you know if this is happening you are not the only one and rockstar is working on it. If it does not seem better by this evening make sure to submit a ticket to have it fixed. I have been assured that it will be fixed by the end of the day or a ticket can be submitted. They are working on it.

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